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Collecting Liners

Collecting Liners

PE large volume open-top bag

Our extensive exchange with customers in agriculture clearly makes us very aware of the needs of cooperatives and farmers to have collective systems for plastics in line with environmental demands.

In view of the needs to fulfil environmental standards, TiszaTextil is working day by day to incorporate higher volumes of recycling materials into our large volume collective bags recipe. The bags are made from several extruded layers and blown-to-size polyethylene tube. The recipe for the polyethylene used contains at least 50% recycled raw materials, 15% of which come from agricultural activity. The recycling material is incorporated in the formulation and does not harm the consistency of the bags. Printing is done by a state-of-the-art printing line, using water ink systems to protect our environment and have a clear and good printing.

To meet your demand, we offer two models of bags: with volume of 250 and 500 liters. By using TiszaTextil Collecting Liners you can double your commitment towards the environment.

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