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All our products for pharmaceutical applications are produced in well-defined conditions which meet the requirements of the appropriate norms. To meet all current requirements and prepare ourselves for more stringent norms in future, we have invested in our facilities and have engaged in staff education and training.

  • Pharma Solutions / Minibag / Minibag C:
    Due to its one-time use, the Minibag series offers a safe and economical transport solution for the transport of powders, granules, tablets and capsules. The Minibag is also widely used as a bulk container for the transfer of products from the production site to the various packaging facilities.
  • Pharma Solutions / Liners: 
    Our primary packaging meets all defined special requirements which are key elements for handling pharmaceutical goods.
  • Pharma Solutions / Engineering:
    We see each application of our customers as unique – therefore we do tailormade solutions instead of standards. Starting from the overall process flow we design the new logistic solution creating the maximum benefit for our customers.
  • Pharma Solutions / Frames: 
    Minibag Frames support your Minibag solution, but are also the perfect connecting element for every step in your production process – regardless if short storage, movables or high-end double frame concepts are needed.