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Pharma Industry

Pharma Industry

Our logistic solutions for pharma applications are following a strict quality approach in all areas and production steps, governed by general ISO 9001, 14001 as well as pharma related ISO14644 and 15378.

    • Pharma Minibag:
      Due to its one-time use, the Minibag series offers a safe and economical transport solution for the transport of powders, granules, tablets and capsules. The Minibag is also widely used as a bulk container for the transfer of products from the production site to the various packaging facilities.
    • Pharma Liners: 
      Our primary packaging meets all defined special requirements which are key elements for handling pharmaceutical goods.
    • Pharma PE Pouches:
      Our PE-Pouches for all kinds of primary packaging tasks meets all requirements which are key elements for handling pharmaceutical goods.
    • Engineering:
      We see each application of our customers as unique – therefore we do tailormade solutions instead of standards. Starting from the overall process flow we design the new logistic solution creating the maximum benefit for our customers.
    • Frames: 
      Minibag Frames support your Minibag solution, but are also the perfect connecting element for every step in your production process – regardless if short storage, movables or high-end double frame concepts are needed.
    • Valves:
      In order to complete your full liner supplies also circular belt valves, ready mounted within frames or multiple frame usage able.