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Single-loop bags

TiszaTextil single-loop bags are ready for use with the majority of free-flowing and bulk materials.

The handle color, print and fabric color can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. Safety factors are adjusted to the customer’s requirements. Most of the applications require: 5/1

Safe working load (SWL): 500 kg to 1500 kg
Printing: depending on bag type and construction up to 5 colors


Flat width: from 1.200 mm up to 1.900 mm
Total body length (finished length): from 1.700 mm up to 2.350 mm

Body Fabric weight: from 95 up to 170 g/m²
PE inliner thickness: from 70 µm up to 100 µm
Packaging: 600 or 700 pcs/pallet, 23-24 pallets/truck
Bags also available as on roll packaging

Special adjustments e.g.: liner’s closing rope or flat tie or closing plastic ring
Application: Chemical industry (fertilizers, herbicides, pellets, hazardous materials, powders, etc.), agriculture (cereals, seeds, feed, fodder, etc.).

Single loop bag
Single loop bag