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Big Bag

Four-loop bags

TiszaTextil four-loop big bags are ready for use with the majority of free-flowing and bulk materials.

The bag design, print and fabric color can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. Together with our customers we design various features. Tailor-made four-loop bags from TiszaTextil are produced in an environment that meets the very latest demands and have proved their value in many countries.

Safety factors are adjusted to the customer’s requirements. Most of the applications require: 5/1

Safe working load (SWL): 500 kg to 1.500 kg
Printing: depending on bag type and construction up to 5 colors


Body style: U-Panel or Tubular design
Lifting options: from stevedore options to most common loop variations
Top: from open top to filling spouts and closed variances
Bottom: flat or conical base and versatile discharging spouts

Size, fabric and inliner are discussed with our customers during the design process.

Four loop bag
Four loop bag