European Based Supplier of Quality Bags


TiszaTextil, based in the heart of Europe along with its sites, strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible supplier to the worldwide logistics industry.

Our employees and the environment we work in and serve are our greatest assets. That is why we ensure our operations in Europe meet the highest social and environmental standards and make a positive contribution to society. In achieving this goal we show strong commitment to a green planet. With less water consumption and less energy for each batch cycle we keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

We strive for solid developments that target customer value, innovation and sustainability and enable us to grow further in the pharma and PE bags sector. In our market segment we want to be among the best, offering products, services and solutions that unite quality and maximum customer value.

TiszaTexil wants to contribute to make Health accessible for all humans. To achieve this goal we want to support the Pharma industry with cost saving solutions. Our logistic transport solutions give the industry access to easy to use, less costly and low maintenance products.