European Based Supplier of Quality Bags


PE Pouch Types

To supply our European customers with perfect-fit pouches we have established local cleanroom installations in France and Hungary.

The local cleanroom installations in France and Hungary reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum and ensure short transport times to our customers’ sites. We can now provide primary-contact liners based on mono- and three-layer coextruded LDPE to ensure optimum safety for your products. Produced under ISO 8 conditions, we supply pharma-approved contact layers as well as food grades for long-time storage and short transfer cycles.

PE Pouch Gusset
Technical possibilities of gusset bags
Thickness range (μm) 60-120
Width range (mm) W 350-1350
Length range (mm) L 500-3000
Gusset width (mm) G 35-120
PE Pouch flat
Technical possibilities of flat bags
Thickness range (μm) 50-200
Width range (mm) W 150-1350
Length range (mm) L 400-3000

As quality systems within the TiszaTextil Group are completely aligned, we deliver the appropriate pouch from the site nearest the customer. TiszaTextil experts are available to help you choose the most suitable material characteristics. For the main thickness grades we can provide test results for water vapor transmission in line with either ISO 2528 (25°C-90% RH) or the ISO 15106-2 method and the ASTM D 3985 oxygen transmission rate test (23°C-0% RH), certified by accredited test laboratories.