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Circular economy

We make the industrial bag business green

TiszaTextil plays a major role in making the industrial bag business employee and environmentally responsible and economically sustainable.

Wherever we can, we support environmental sustainability goals or define common targets with our customers. We practise recycling and upcycling and are dedicated to a circular economy. We also cooperate closely with our partner companies / affiliated companies / associated companies on various techniques such as upcycling of non-separable plastics by pyrolysis. As part of the industrial bag business and pharma logistics solutions we ensure that our customers benefit from our ecological approach.

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Pharmaceutical logistic solutions

We make the industrial bag business green.

Go green with our pharma Minibags! The most environmentally friendly transport solution for pharma companies. Our single-material bags can be safely incinerated. No harmful chemicals are released, active substances are neutralized and the incineration generates energy. Their one-time use means no washing, so you avoid chemical pollution and save water too. The safe, economical and eco-friendly transport solution.

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