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Quick wins by Lean Process Solutions for solids in pharma production by TiszaTextil

TiszaTextil, most renown producer of flexible inter- and intralogistics solutions for pharmaceutical production has enlarged its lean expert support to promote cost cuttings in Pharma solids production.

By using a stepwise simple lean approach, introduced by TiszaTextil process optimization experts, our customers can tremendously save operating cost in the production of tablets, granular- in general solids for Pharma industry. TiszaTextil process optimization experts work hand in hand with our customers to establish the optimum process flow to save cost and manage risk for our customers.

Especially when it comes to complex plant to plant transportation tasks, Tisza Textil experts rely on many years of experience supporting customers to economize their transport logistics to save cost and minimize waste materials from transport activities.

Plant to plant

Saving cost and materials is key if you have to challenge your supply chain to become enviroimnmently friendly and effective. These lean solutions are based on simulations with state of the art IT programs, enabling our customers to easily share the gained ‘Best Practice’ savings within their company. In consequence, multiple lines as well as multiple sites have an effective working model to quickly access the best practices of their colleagues.

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