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Circular Economy - reduction of plastic packaging by intelligent design

Circular Economy – reduction of plastic packaging by intelligent design

TiszaTextil Hungary successfully launches new FFS type. TiszaTextil is the European based producer of state-of-the-art SmallBags, especially those based on woven PP and PE film materials.

The combination of high mechanical strength and low sack weight makes SmallBags the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products. TiszaTextil offers our customers the benefits of fully vertically integrated production of FFS tubes with a variety of features.

These products are continuously advanced to meet Circular Economy design, either we target a reduction of material used and/or enhance the amount of recycled material. To support our efforts in Circular Economy we have a strong experts team working on optimizing production methods and recipes used. Our latest breakthrough is now available for our customers – up to 20% thickness reduction with upgraded properties FFS tube for all season application compared to a standard 135µm tube – the benefit for our customers is a clear cost saving advantage to their competition.

The new FFS tube formulation was tested in practice at a major producer of PP and PE raw materials site. Excellent properties in all seasons enable our customers to benefit from this savings. The technology advantage is exceptional – we are the best partner for our customers when it comes to high demanding products.

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