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Are you still wasting water – or using Minibag logistic system solution

TiszaTextil, most renown producer of flexible inter- and intralogistics solutions for pharmaceutical production works closely with the Pharmaceutical industry to reduce carbon footprint and water consumption for solids handling.

Reducing the consumption of water is by the way, one of the key success factors of Minibag logistic transport solution – it saves water and energy which common IBC based production needs in tremendous amounts for washing, rinsing and drying.

The ecological benefits are derived from various reports, feedback and profound considerations of our engineering team.

  • Avoid spending energy and water for cleaning
  • No waste of rinse agents
  • No need for efforts to generate the proper water for rinsing
  • No water wasting, no water disposal
  • No waste of energy and maintenance for pumps, heating, drying, cooling…
  • No waste of lab materials for validation

As any other Pharmaceutical material Minibag has to be incinerated to make sure that the environment is not polluted by washing aids or Active Product Ingredients API. But it is the only way to bring the fuel with the APIs to incineration and thus avoid any more addition of fuel ressources for burning remains of washing cycles.

Minibag is the remedy for this very complex problem, despite a single use solution, it comprimises fully eliminating the risk of cross contamination, eradicating washing procedures with impact on environment and handling cost: clients have the highest flexibility to use the production lines on demand.

Contact our experts – each process solution is supported by a conceptual study to access critical steps in the implementation of new logistic transport solutions.
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