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Environmental responsibility by TiszaTextil

TiszaTextil plays a major role in making the industrial bag business green and sustainable. Wherever we can support our environmental sustainability goals or define common goals with our customers we practice re- or upcycling and are dedicated to a circular economy.

As part the of industrial bag business and pharma logistic solutions we ensure that our customers can benefit from our ecological approach.

Recycling, upcycling

TiszaTextil in Hungary was a pioneer of these measures and works on recycling models hand in hand with customers to combine ecological and environmental benefits. In a highly competitive environment we offer solutions to our customers that use large amounts of recycled materials to produce new containers, e.g. collected foils for agriculture, waste collecting systems. In this way we offer farmers the chance to reuse their plastic waste which would otherwise be lost to the production process. And of course this limits the amount of new materials used.

Circular Economy

  • Made by nature, back to nature: TiszaTextil uses national research institutes and co-operates with large producers of biodegradable materials to achieve environmentally friendly systems that need no special recycling. Because these investigations are long-term research projects we also make use of other options.
  • Single material use: Today, highly complex composite materials composed of different plastics mean that a single recycling approach is not economically viable. We have therefore investigated new ways of achieving industrial bag systems with single materials and a unique recycling strategy.
  • Generating energy from non-recyclable waste: TiszaTextil is participating in a development program by fsh-holding to regain resources by depolymerization of organic material to obtain precious/raw materials which are encapsulated by waste plastics or to recover the energy by gasification and/or liquification.