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Minibag conductive Type C

After the worldwide successful implementation of the Minibag system at numerous customers with astonishingly high returns, TiszaTextil was challenged by its customers to provide a Minibag solution also for applications within hazardous zones (ATEX). Thanks to the engaged contributions of key customers and the dedicated work of Tisza’s R&D team, a perfect solution for almost all applications was born.

Designed and developed for the pharma and food industries, the unique Conductive Pharma Minibag Type C is the perfect solution for hazardous environments with a higher risk of explosions and ignition.

Minibag conductive Type C


Conductive Minibag C meets the requirements of international standard IEC61340-4-4 and guarantees safe charging and discharging operations..

TiszaTextil follows a strict quality approach in all areas and production steps, governed by ISO standards 9001, 14001, 15378 as well as ISO 21898, 22000, 14644 and IEC 61340-4-4 (Electrostatic Classification of FIBC/TÜV Süd).


A specially designed outer bag exhibits surface resistivity <10^7ohm, breakdown voltage <6kV by containing several conductive strings.

The contact surface to the goods is a static dissipative multilayer inner bag made in accordance with the latest EU and US pharma requirements and is
especially designed for pharmaceutical products.