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Minibag saves water

Nowadays we often discuss plastics in pharma with our customers, and especially the single-use Minibag system.

And we always have very good news for our customers because we have an extremely environmentally friendly solution on hand that outperforms conventional vessel cleaning systems. These cleaning systems require large amounts of energy and chemicals, extensive lab work for validation, and disposal of all washing and rinsing liquids. These are contaminated and/or not water-based, so the only recourse is to destroy them to eliminate the chemical molecules.

Our state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed eco-friendly and uses no water.

A Minibag is a composition of neat polymers with non-toxic fillers. Once it has been used it can be neutralized in the incineration process where, beside the neutralization of the active substances, energy is gained from the burning of the bag. As the fillers were chosen so that only waste products are produced that are easy to process ,the bag can be burned and energy saved by the incineration process.